APRIL 2020 Course Announcements and Coupons

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APRIL 2020

Course Announcements

I hope everyone is doing great these days. I know it is super crazy right now with the pandemic that is sweeping the world. Most of you are probably stuck at home doing what you can to stay safe and sane.

Just a few announcements this month.

First off, I have added an additional coupon code that will be valid for the next 5 days where you can get my Udemy courses for only $9.99 – $10.99. Use coupon APRIL2020_10

The second announcement is that I am still working hard on my next set of videos and courses. I was a bit sidetracked with all this pandemic stuff, but I am getting back on track and hope to have new content for you soon.

Stay safe!

New releases

New Youtube video uploads:

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The coupon for Aprilis ready.

Five days only coupon code APRIL2020_10 to get my courses for $9.99-$10.99. Expires 5 days after this post.

Use coupon code APRIL2020 to get any of my courses for a discounted price of $13.99-$15.99.

Current Udemy Courses:

WebdriverIO: Automate Front-End Web Application Testing

In this course, I will be guiding you through the steps needed to create front-end web application test automation using WebdriverIO.

Together we will be writing scripts that automate the testing of front-end applications that use vanilla Javascript, React, and Angular.

What we will cover:

  • Preparing for automated testing. Who should do the automation and with what tools?
  • Using open-source tools and applications in our testing tools include GIT, GITHUB, Node.js, Chrome Developer Tools, Visual Studio Code, Mocha, Chai, and WebdriverIO.
  • Automating web applications interactions without a framework
  • Using the Mocha unit testing framework to test your code
  • Node.js and Chai assertions
  • Coding standards with ESLint and Prettier
  • Writing automated tests that interact with the most common web-application elements
  • Adding validations to our tests
  • Configuring tests to run against different browsers or test environments
  • Using Allure reports to generate beautiful reports that include screenshots and videos

QA Guide to Web Application Testing for Beginners

Entry-level introduction to front-end web development and automated testing of a non-Angular app using Protractor.

  • Learn the basics of HTML, CSS, JavaScript
  • Build a simple front-end app
  • Learn to use Protractor to test that app you just built

QA Guide to Web Application Testing for Beginners

Introductory course on testing web applications.

  • Learn a little about how web apps are built
  • Build out a test suite using QA Touch
  • Walkthrough testing several apps

QA Guide to REST API Testing for Beginners

Introductory course on REST APIs.

  • Learn what an API is
  • Use Postman to make requests
  • Use Postman to test your requests

JavaScript for QA Engineers and SDETs

A more in-depth guide into JavaScript geared towards QA engineers.

  • An in-depth overview of JavaScript features
  • Lots of assignments and activities to practice
  • Prep section for getting ready for a technical JavaScript interview

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