April 2021 Course Announcements and Coupons

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April 2021


March was a great month. I was able to push out a lot of free content and do some fun things for you all!

First off, I was able to post 8 videos to Youtube last month. Highlights include testing Mr. Beast Burger, Pizza Hut, and Chipotle websites.

Second, I posted new videos on web testing apps including Visual Studio CodeNode Version Manager, and GIT & GITHUB.

Third, new videos on how to Automate the Web without a framework and how to use Chrome Developer Tools.

Finally, I made you all a new playlist of resources for learning UI test automation. This playlist is bundled in the order you should watch these videos. This playlist was made for my Udemy students in mind, but it benefits anyone looking to learn test automation.

Check out a complete list of the videos below.

New Videos

Exploratory Testing Series:

Udemy Course Coupons

The coupon for April is ready.

Use coupon code APRIL_2021 to get any of my courses for a discounted price.


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