Automate Testing with Protractor- Testing a vending machine – Protractor and JavaScript

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Part 5 of my “Testing a Vending Machine App” series. In this video, we will build out some automated test cases using Protractor.

No coding experience required. Just follow along.

You will need the application from the previous video to proceed.

Series will include:
1. Software requirements
2. Installing NPM packages
3. Creating Page Objects
4. Writing tests

LINKS Referenced in the Video:

GlitchITSystem Website with links to the Protractor course and Coupon Codes:

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Website Automation Testing for Beginners with Protractor (Udemy Course): — See my blog if this code is expired for a new one!

Protractor Starter Files:

Vending Machine App Tutorial:

Vending Machine App Source Code:

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