Types of software bugs

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types of bugs

What is a Bug?

Whether you call it a bug or a defect, the meaning is the same. A bug is when something in the application doesn’t do what it is intended to do. There are several types of bugs to deal with so let’s get familiar with the different types first.

Types of Bugs

Crash: This is when you do something and the application stops responding. You will have to reset your app to get it working again.

Incorrect Output: If the output is not what is expected, then it is wrong. Example: 1+1 = 3

Functionality: This is when the feature doesn’t work as expected. Examples: Print button not open a print dialogue. Buttons not responding.

Workflow: The workflow should match what is in the requirements. You should be able to go from A to B to C. If you click the “Next” button, you should go to the next page instead of Back.

Usability: Usability can be subjective, but there are basic standards that you should look for in the design of the app. Does it make sense the way things are arranged? Is it easy to understand how to use the app without reading a manual?

Cosmetic: This is where you get to do some nit picking. Spelling, color, and font are examples of cosmetic issues. These things won’t break the functionality of the app, but they are important none the less. Spelling errors make your site look unprofessional. Colors and fonts are there for marketing purposes, so they are important to keep the site looking good.

Accessibility: There are certain guidelines that we will cover later that deal with accessibility. Basically, these are bugs that would prevent someone with a disability from being able to use your app.

Globalization: This is not a translation bug. We aren’t testing for the meaning of the same word in 20 different languages. This is an issue where text on the page can’t be translated. More on this in a future post.

Performance: Slow site? Even slower with more users? Here we are calling out issues where the app doesn’t perform as fast as it should.

Translation: This is where you test the translation of a word into a different language. Not the correct word means it’s a bug.


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