Capture Web Traffic – Telerik Fiddler Setup and First Time Use

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Learn how to install and setup Telerik Fiddler for capturing decrypted web traffic.

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In this course, you will learn everything that you need to know to get started with REST API testing.

The course starts with API basics. Here you will learn what an API is and how they work.

I will be covering several tools along the way to help you validate and format APIs so that you can quickly and easily understand the purpose and content.

You will learn some javaScript which is essential when working with REST APIs.

The bulk of the course will be through exercises. We will use Postman to generate API requests. Then we will use Postman to test the requests that we created.

Finally, we will be using Fiddler to capture, view, and manipulate API Traffic.

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QA Guide to REST API Testing for Beginners

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