February 2020

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The JavaScript for Beginners playlist includes most of the content from my Udemy course JavaScript for QA Engineers and SDETs

Web Hosting
  • Learn to write JavaScript
  • Practice with coding exercises
  • Discover tips and tricks when using JavaScript

Learn how to answer the most common QA interview question. “How would you test a vending machine”.

  • Learn how to write test cases
  • Build a simple vending machine app using HTML, CSS, and JavaScript
  • Automate the testing of the app with WebdriverIO

Learn to build a professional WordPress Resume site in a few hours.

  • Use SiteGround hosting to host your personal website
  • Install WordPress
  • Customize WordPress with themes
  • Add professional content


The coupon for February is ready.

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Current Udemy Courses:

QA Guide to Web Application Testing for Beginners

Entry-level introduction to front-end web development and automated testing of a non-Angular app using Protractor.

  • Learn the basics of HTML, CSS, JavaScript
  • Build a simple front-end app
  • Learn to use Protractor to test that app you just built

QA Guide to Web Application Testing for Beginners

Introductory course on testing web applications.

  • Learn a little about how web apps are built
  • Build out a test suite using QA Touch
  • Walkthrough testing several apps

QA Guide to REST API Testing for Beginners

Introductory course on REST APIs.

  • Learn what an API is
  • Use Postman to make requests
  • Use Postman to test your requests

JavaScript for QA Engineers and SDETs

A more in-depth guide into JavaScript geared towards QA engineers.

  • An in-depth overview of JavaScript features
  • Lots of assignments and activities to practice
  • Prep section for getting ready for a technical JavaScript interview
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