Grow with Google Challenge – Week 4 – jQuery

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Week 4 – jQuery

This is the final week of the “Grow with Google Challenge” on Udacity. The fourth and final week of the challenge was about jQuery. This section consisted of three sections: “The Basics: the DOM, $, and Selectors“, “The Tricks: DOM Manipulation“, and “Event Listeners with jQuery“. The section was concluded with a project that had you put your jQuery skills to the test. This section was probably the shortest and lightest in content, so it did take some investigating of jQuery documentation to get through all the quizzes.

The Basics: the DOM, $, and Selectors

This first section is an introduction to jQuery. A quick explanation of how to use jQuery is covered in these lessons:

  • The $ sign
  • jQuery selectors
  • DOM traversal

Of course, you get to learn by doing through the use of several quizzes.

The Tricks: DOM Manipulation

One of the many uses of jQuery is DOM Manipulation. This section will teach you several different methods for manipulating the DOM and give you plenty of chances to test your knowledge.

The DOM Manipulation section contains the following lessons:

  • toggleClass
  • changing attributes
  • modifying CSS
  • getting HTML and text
  • adding and removing DOM elements
  • appending elements

Event Listeners

One of the powerful tools of jQuery is Event Listeners. You will learn how to make things happen when certain “events” occur.

The Event Listeners lesson included the following sections:

  • monitor events
  • Event listeners
  • Convenience methods
  • Event delegation

Project: Pixel Art Maker

The final project for the jQuery section was the Pixel Art Maker. This is a fun app that lets the user create a grid and color that grid using a color picker. You will need to use what you have learned from these lessons and all of the previous HTML, CSS, and Javascript sections to finish this quiz.

That concludes the jQuery section and also concludes the “Grow with Google Challenge”. The lessons were fun and challenging and I am ready to learn more. I will write up a review of the challenge in a future post.

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