Importance of Having a Personal Website

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Personal Websites are Important

Personal Websites are Important

Photographers carry around a portfolio of pictures that they have taken over the years. In the digital age, portfolios have to be accessible at any time by anyone and anywhere.

Let’s continue with the example of the photographer. I’m sure photographers love to bring their portfolio book around with them everywhere they go. But this is a cumbersome thought. Having to haul around a book of photos all over the place.

What if the photographer made a website portfolio? They now have the ability to share their work with anyone they may meet on the street, but also have the ability to send the link to any prospective client. This is the power of a personal website.

You don’t need to be a photographer to have a personal website. Anytime you want to showcase your work, the best and simplest way to do so is via a personal website.

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Let me give you some examples:

  • a cook showcasing their favorite dishes that they have prepared
  • a videographer with samples of weddings or birthdays they have recorded
  • a web designer with links to online projects they have created
  • an interior designer displaying the different stylings they have created
  • a blogger showing the travel destinations visited

So I hope I have made my point clear that personal websites are important. Building a website is simple with the help of WordPress. You can try my Free WordPress tutorial.

The tutorial will go over everything you need to get started and build your first website. SiteGround is the hosting service that is covered in the tutorial, and it is where all of my sites are running on.

Check out the Free WordPress tutorial.

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