Install Sublime Text

Installing Sublime Text

Sublime Home Page

Installation Steps

All right so the first thing we have to do is download and install Sublime Text on your computer. Head over to the Sublime Text website.

Since I’m using Windows here I’m going to go ahead and click the “Download for Windows” button.

Once that’s done downloading go ahead and open the installer.
You can take the basic installation. If you want to change the path of your install you can do that. For me the defaults are fine then just keep on going do the prompts and install should only take a few seconds here.

Tabs and Files

We can take a quick walkthrough here.

Sublime Tabs
You can see that sublime uses tabs.
To open a new tab you just double click in this upper area or CTRL + N. If you open the “File” menu you will see that new tabs are called “New File”.

Each tab is actually a file. You can open different files directly in Sublime or you can create new files as seen above. Notice the new tabs all have “untitled” in the tab. This is because this file has not been saved yet. Once the file is saved that tab label will be replaced with the saved file name.

If you look through the menu items at the top, you can see in that there are tons of little shortcut keys to do stuff. We’ll get into some of these options a little bit later when we’re editing data and then you’ll see why this is a very good tool for viewing and editing data.

At this point, you have sublime installed and you can take a look a look around. Play with it a little bit and see what it has to offer.

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