Introduction to Sublime Text

What is it and why do I need it?

Let me introduce you to my favorite text editor. Sublime Text!

Yes, there are countless other editors out there. Some of the popular names are Notepad, Wordpad, Atom, and Notepad ++.

Each has its own benefits, but for me, Sublime Text stands above the rest.

To get started, jump over to my post, Install Sublime Text.

Tons of add-on packages

Sublime Text has a handy package manager that can easily be installed, Package Control.

Package Control allows you to quickly and easily find packages and install them. Once you install a package, the features are available to you from a menu. Simply type the name of the package and you will see all the things you can do.

To learn more about Package Control, see my post, Install Package Control.

How I use Sublime Text

For me, the main uses of Sublime Text are to:

  • create large amounts of data
  • edit large amounts of data
  • validate and format JSON data

Sublime Text is a fully featured text editor. My primary uses for Sublime are to do exactly that, create and edit text files.

You can see how fast I can work with data on my posts, Quick text editing with keyboard shortcuts and Validate and Format JSON Data.

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