Is the QA Engineer career right for you?

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Is QA Engineering a fit for you?

Are you interested in becoming a QA engineer? Not sure if the career is right for you?

I have created this assessment based on the qualities that I expect any QA Engineer I hire to poses. Take the quick, write down your responses, tally your score.

Note that this test is just for fun and should not be a sole driving factor in choosing your career.


  1. Have you ever taken apart something to learn more about how it works or how it is made?
  2. Do you enjoy finding mistakes in websites, movies, TV shows, or books?
  3. Do you give instructions by listing out exact steps?
  4. Are you a believer that the customer is the number one priority for businesses?
  5. When you find something is not working do you try to find a way to make it work that was not intended?
  6. Are you interested in learning about new technologies on a regular basis?
  7. Are you comfortable presenting to leadership?
  8. Do you often find yourself as the leader when working in teams?
  9. Do you enjoy writing technical documentation?
  10. Are you able to translate complex technical information to a non-technical person?
  11. Are you able to translate business requirements to a technical person?
  12. When something is not right and will hurt the customer experience are you comfortable with breaking the bad news to leadership?
  13. Do you look for ways to make repetitive tasks easier to accomplish?
  14. Are you comfortable with being the only person on your team with your specific job role?
  15. Are you willing to spend a lot of time outside of work to learn to code or how to work with a new tool or framework?


So the scoring is simple. All the “yes” answers you give are 1 point. Take the total and divide by 15.

80% or more: A career as a QA engineer is likely a great fit for you.

70% – 79%: A career as a QA might be ok for you, but you may have some areas where you need to work on for career growth.

69% or below: QA Engineering may not be quite right for you.

Did you get a passing grade?

It doesn’t matter if you aced the quiz or not. If you are interested in starting your career as a QA Engineer I recommend you start out with my course, the QA Guide to Web Application Testing for Beginners.

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