JavaScript Tutorial for Beginners [Part 10] – DOM, JavaScript Events, Event Listeners

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This is the final video in my JavaScript Tutorial for Beginners series.

In this lesson:
1. The DOM
2. JavaScript Events
3. Event Listeners

This series is my free Udemy course “JavaScript for QA Engineers and SDETs”.

This course was created and designed to teach JavaScript fundamentals from the beginning, for beginners.

I will be walking you through the basic features of JavaScript and bring you to a point where you will be confident to call yourself a JavaScript developer.

Not just for QA Engineers!

I have designed this course with QA Engineers as the main audience. But all the lessons and lectures apply for anyone wanting to learn JavaScript.

QA Engineers

I am going to teach you and focus in on all the parts of JavaScript that are important for a QA to successfully transition into an SDET.

What you will be learning:
The basics: variables, if statements, loops, arrays, functions, and objects
How to run your code in the browser console
How to work with JSON data
How to hook your code up to a web application
How to manipulate the DOM

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