JavaScript Tutorial for Beginners [Part 4] – Arrays

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This is the fourth video in my JavaScript Tutorial for Beginners series.

In this lesson:
1. Arrays

This series is my free Udemy course “JavaScript for QA Engineers and SDETs”.

This course was created and designed to teach JavaScript fundamentals from the beginning, for beginners.

I will be walking you through the basic features of JavaScript and bring you to a point where you will be confident to call yourself a JavaScript developer.

Not just for QA Engineers!

I have designed this course with QA Engineers as the main audience. But all the lessons and lectures apply for anyone wanting to learn JavaScript.

QA Engineers

I am going to teach you and focus in on all the parts of JavaScript that are important for a QA to successfully transition into an SDET.

What you will be learning:
The basics: variables, if statements, loops, arrays, functions, and objects
How to run your code in the browser console
How to work with JSON data
How to hook your code up to a web application
How to manipulate the DOM

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