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Web App Software Testing

I’m excited to announce the release of my second course on Udemy.

This is a beginner level course that covers the core concepts and activities that you will need to bring quality assurance to your web applications.

This course is meant for:

  • someone who is interested in becoming a QA Engineer
  • a developer or software team who wants to bring QA practices into their team

You may ask why we need QA engineers or to test our software? I will go over that below, but something for you to think about is that a skilled QA engineer can easily make over $100k a year. Now is a great time to get started and work your way to that career goal.

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You can access this course through my link below.

QA Guide to Web Application Testing for Beginners

Don’t let your first impression be a buggy one.

First impressions are critical to the digital marketplace. Trust and confidence in your ability to provide a safe and usable website can be lost in a matter of seconds if you have a buggy website.

Customers will not feel confident entering their banking information onto your website if it has errors all over.

You will lose that sale if your buy button doesn’t function properly.

Testing is critical to the success of websites.

Software delivery typically has 4 main phases.

Plan > Design > Develop > Test

Planning is where the business owners specify the important pieces of the business.

Designers will come in to make sure the website has a beautiful look and the flow is intuitive and user-friendly.

Developers take the needs of the business owner and the vision of the designers and turn it into something that people can see, hear, and interact with.

Testers make sure the vision of the team has been met.

Testers make sure that

  • the website does what it is supposed to do
  • it looks the way it should
  • if a failure happens, the user is informed gracefully
  • the team looks like rockstars to the stakeholders and customers

Quality is not easy.

Making a web application is not easy. Making one that works well is even harder.

Anyone can spend a weekend or two to learn how to build a website and throw it out on the web. But how do you make sure that the website will work for any user that comes your way?

You need Quality Assurance.

Quality Assurance is the term used to describe the testing activities within a development team. Typically there is a dedicated QA engineer who leads this effort to software quality, but that is not always an option.

Some organizations have a tight budget and cannot hire a full-time QA engineer. That doesn’t mean that the team can’t test the application and use QA practices.

As I mentioned above. Quality is important to your customers.. so it really needs to be top of mind for you and your team.

Learn more about QA Engineering with my course on Udemy:

QA Guide to Web Application Testing for Beginners

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