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Don’t miss out on the next QA Virtual Series webinar from QA Touch and DCKAP.

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July 13, 10:00 AM EST

Join in as presenters Sneha Viswalingam and Michael Bolton guide us through two terrific topics.

Sneha will be covering selenium grid, Terraform and AWS.

Michael will talk about deep Testing techniques.

Here is what the event is all about:

Hi there,

I hope you are staying safe and keeping well. Mindful of these tough trying times, all around the world, I sincerely hope for the best for you, your loved ones, and everyone.


That said, as a company that highly encourages people in reading and upskilling, Team QA Touch is glad to bring you QA Touch Virtual Series – a free monthly webinar where we bring in thought leaders and influential speakers from the QA community. 


Our 3rd episode happens on July 13, Monday, 10.00 AM to 11.30 AM EDT.

Key Takeaways

  • Deep Testing techniques and how it will help in finding more critical bugs
  • Difference between Deep and Shallow testing and how, when & where to use them
  • Importance of distributed testing
  • Using selenium grid, Terraform and AWS
  • Learning to implement infrastructure as code


PS: The webinar is scheduled for more than 90 mins and there will be a dedicated Q&A session. Feel free to send any of your questions/pain points related to the aforementioned topics and we shall have those addressed by the esteemed speakers. Mail to

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