New Course: WebdriverIO: Automate Front-End Web Application Testing

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Udemy WebdriverIO Course


I am excited to announce my most comprehensive front-end web automation test course to date.

WebdriverIO: Automate Front-End Web Application Testing

In this course, I will be guiding you through the steps needed to create front-end web application test automation using WebdriverIO.

Together we will be writing scripts that automate the testing of front-end applications that use vanilla Javascript, React, and Angular.

What we will cover:

  • Preparing for automated testing. Who should do the automation and with what tools?
  • Using open-source tools and applications in our testing. Tools include GIT, GITHUB, Node.js, Chrome Developer Tools, Visual Studio Code, Mocha, Chai, and WebdriverIO.
  • Automating web applications interactions without a framework
  • Using the Mocha unit testing framework to test your code
  • Node.js and Chai assertions
  • Coding standards with ESLint and Prettier
  • Writing automated tests that interact with the most common web-application elements
  • Adding validations to our tests
  • Configuring tests to run against different browsers or test environments
  • Using Allure reports to generate beautiful reports that include screenshots and videos

You can get my course for the next 5 days using my link below.

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