Create a Resume Site with WordPress – Install WordPress

Install WordPress

WordPress Makes Building Websites Easy

Building websites can be hard and time-consuming. You have to learn how to code, have a keen eye for style, and make sure your site works on all the major browsers and devices. This often discourages people from setting up their own websites. If you don’t have a site yet, see our other post to help you set that up.

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WordPress to the rescue. WordPress is a platform that allows you to create beautiful websites very quickly.

Benefits of WordPress:

  • Free with your SiteGround hosting plan
  • Easy to use
  • So many design templates for you to choose from
  • Tons of plugins to enhance your site
  • Customization options
  • You control the site and all of its content

Install WordPress

The first thing you need to do to get started is to install WordPress.

Login to your SiteGround account. If you don’t have SiteGround account, see our other post here.

Open the “My Account” tab.

You should see a button called “Go to cPanel”. Click it.

Scroll down to the WordPress Tools section. The first item should be WordPress Installer. Click it.

Click the “Install Now” link.

You should now be seeing the Software Setup screen. We just need to modify a few options here.

Choose Domain: Make sure the correct domain is selected if you have more than one.

Site Name and Site Description: You can enter these now, but this is not set in stone and you can edit it later.

Admin Username and Password: Enter a username for the WordPress administration and a strong password.

Admin Email: Enter the email you want to be associated with the admin account.

That is all you need to do for now. Just hit the “Install” button and SiteGround will install WordPress and let you know when it is ready.

Log in and Look Around

Open a browser to the login page for your WordPress installation.

It should be something like this: “”.

Feel free to take a look around. In the next lesson, we will install our theme and begin designing the site.


In the next lesson, we will pick and install our Theme.

Install the Theme

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